Log entries now showing on Mac when talking with PC Vassal 3.6.9 & Vasl 6.6.5

User on Mac cannot see log entries generate by user on PC. Reinstalled both on PC and Mac and still cannot see them. However, the user on the PC can see log entries from the Mac users.

Has anyone else run into this?

Would you describe the problem in more detail? What log entries? What are you expecting to see that you don’t see?

So, dice roles, movement notification, chat are all not appearing in the log window. Basically anything that generates an event is not being displayed for the Mac user.

I am guessing something to do with HTML rendering on the Mac, because it work for the user prior to updating to the latest versions of VASSAL and VASL.

(Note: I am not the Mac user, I am just trying to help them figure out the issue).

What were the previous versions of Vassal and VASL which worked?

Chipping in with observation using Vassal 3.6.9 in a module that logs to chat; I have a log of a game between me (MacOS Ventura) and a friend who would have been on Windows. I see from the log file that I was getting chat logs from both him and me; I think I would have noticed in the game if this hadn’t been the case.

So maybe this is something specific to the module(s) or the user machine(s).

So we have tried two different PC computers connecting with his Mac, both have the same issue, but both of the PC versions can each other’s log entries.

I wouldn’t think that log entries would matter what module they are running, but we can test that.

I am not familiar enough with the Mac to guess what would be specific to his machine, but we did try clearing the Safari cache incase there was something related.

I believe that he was fine two version back on both VASSAL and VASL.

What version numbers were those? I always press on this point because I’ve found that what I think is “two versions back” or “the current version” is frequently not what’s being referred to. Being explicit clears this up.

If you like, let’s set up a test session between us and see if the problem replicates on any of my 3 Macs.

Sure, I can run a test like that most anytime. If we are not able to replicate it though, then that still leaves me with why isn’t it working on his computer.

You will need to have VASSAL 3.6.9 and VASL 6.6.5 installed.

I am setting up a game and in a room called BoF7 Fields of Black Gold if you want to join, or let me know a time that works for you. I am in the mountain time zone.

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I’m a bit late but set up now and online in case you are around. I am on GMT.

How about we shoot for tomorrow, around 5-7 GMT. I am at GMT -7, so I can run a test anytime after 4 pm GMT.

Hopefully about 5-6pm GMT (between appointments) or, if not, then after 9pm GMT.

It looks like the problem was a Mac problem with low memory/disk space (cannot tell which from his response and he probably has them confused.)
He bought a new Mac and reloaded everything and now it all works. I think he said the previous one was bought in 2012.

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