Log filter and OOC game chat.

Another feature I would like to see would be to ingame chat and OOC chat icons.

I would like to the ability to ‘while logging a game’ to only log game chat… and not all the other chat… so you can see people say D1 left bend and not, hey, got you email about the latest such and such… so almost like a OOC button and a “IN Game” button
cause, while watching a log after is brutal sometimes if there are other thing sbeing talked about… rules questions and so forth…

Can somthing like that be worked upon?

I just hate watching a log file and click the button a dozen times to watch all the chatter.

Yes, i am aware it would be easier to tell people to not talk, but if there was a public chat (just like the pvt chat window) that is not recorded while logging, it would be so great!

Thanks again


Thus spake “JC Locke”:

I’m going to be working on all of the logging and chat RFEs we’ve collected
for VASSAL 3.2. I’ll add this to the bunch. Thanks for the suggestion.


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