Logging remote player actions

I’m still trying to add database logging to the vassal engine. The problem is with server-based multi-player games. I can capture actions performed by the local player but I cannot figure out how actions performed by remote players get into the local map. Their actions are obviously getting onto the map (since I can see the tokens move) and are captured by the vlog and vsav files.
Where should I look to find where those commands are read from the server?

The code you are probably looking for is in VASASL.chat.CommandDecoder.

Actions by a player that end up in a log, or sent across the network are encoded as subclasses of Command.
GameModle.getGameModule().sendAndLog(command) serializes and sends an action to the log and/or other players. The registered CommandEnoders on each client are then checked to see if they know what to do with the Command when it is received, de-serialise it and execute the reconstituted action