Login under different name?

Greetings from Den Bosch.

I logged into several modules under the wrong name (misspelled by accident). As a result I cannot join my existing, ongoing games.

How can I log out and in again, under the correct ID?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Peace and happy gaming,

The username you use is not relevant–only the personal module password you chose the very first time you opened a particular module on your computer. If you are opening game files and finding you are not placed in the player side you expect, that means the personal module password in use on your computer now does not match what it was at the time you first occupied that player side in the ongoing game (whether you’ve used just one computer or multiple computers over the course of the game is not specified, but would be valuable information).

Thanks, Joel.

How do I log out of a module, so that I can try again with a different password?

You don’t really “log out” of a module. You simply change your personal password for it. With the module open (it need not be with any particular game file open), you go to Preferences and then the Personal tab. Change the password to something (unfortunately you can’t see what it currently is) new, then close the module.

You might have to keep doing this repeatedly until you hit upon the password that is locking your player side in the problematic game. Once you load your game and get slotted into the correct player side immediately, you’ve successfully matched the password.

Thanks very much!

I do not know if it is a general rule for Vassal 3.2.17 (the version I use), but in the Vietnam modules I play with, the it is easy to figure out what the password you are currently using and which you might have forgotten is. At least on Windows.
Here is how to figure hot what password is currently associated to a given module.
Go to the %appdata% folder. (Just enter %appdata% in the address bar of file explorer. In most windows machines %appdata% is “c:\users<windows username>\AppData\roaming”
inside that folder you will find a VASSAL folder
inside that folder you will find a “prefs” folder
This folder contains text files without extension (ex. for Vietnam it is “VG_20_Vietnam”)
View this file with a text editor
there is a line starting with “SecretName=”. What follows the “=” sign is the current ‘password’.