Logitech Options Mouse Button Key Assignments

When I assign a mouse button in Logitech Options (the configuration software for Logitech input devices) for the Vassal application, they don’t work. Specifically, I’m trying to assign the nominal forward/back buttons on my mouse to the F1/F2 keys (zoom in/out). If I do the assignment globally it works fine, but it doesn’t work when I assign it only for Vassal.

My guess is because the Vassal game window and the Vassal application are not the same “application”, so the key assignments are not getting to the game window.

Does anybody have any suggestions on ways to get this to work, or is it never going to work with the way Vassal is coded?

I’m running on Linux, so I’m not sure how Logitech Options actually works, but you need to be aware that the executable for VASSAL is actually java.exe or javaw.exe (I forget which is actually used on Windows systems). So, you may be able to at least configure the buttons to send those keys to all Java applications, if you can’t narrow it down to just VASSAL.


When I mapped the keys to java.exe, it worked. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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