Loking for an Online Live or PBeM Session of Virgin Queen

I would love to get to play some Virgin Queen. I have the game but I have only been able to get 2 games together since there is a lack of interest in VQ amongst the gaming community in my area. So I thought I’d test my luck online instead.

I'm online pretty much every day for several hours. I do play other games PBeM (mostly civ) and have been able to keep up with the pace of at least 1 turn / 24 h but I always average well above that. For live online games I am in the GMT +1h zone (Sweden) and I'm usually online weekdays in the afternoons and weekends whenever.

I'm relatively new to VASSAL and I haven't really tried cyboard or Acts but I'm willing to learn. With only 2 games under my belt I have to admit to being quiet a novice to the game as well.

PM me or by all means just answer right in the thread.

              Cheers Viktor