Longstreet Attacks chit help

Having a wicked time figuring out how to work the chit selection for the cup. Can someone break it down in it’s simplest step by step form? Thanks, Dave

I am having the same problem. Please, someone help!

I emailed Revolution Games and got this great reply the very next morning:

With the Chit Cup window open, follow the steps 1 to 11 listed at the top of the Chit Cup. Put your cursor over each Step to get a more detailed description.

If it says CSA Hand or USA Hand it is referring to the CSA and USA flag buttons next to “Option” at the top of the screen. If playing Solitaire both will be visible; otherwise you won’t be able to see opponent’s Hand.

If it says “Click this Button” click that button. For example, #3 Step says “Click this Button”.

Please go through Steps #1 to #11, playing under Solitaire, with the Chit Cup window and CSA Hand and USA Hand open. Then follow the steps, putting cursor over the Steps to get a more detailed description.

Please send any questions after doing this a few times.


Stephen Oliver, vassal maker of LA vassal