Look for a gaming group

Good Afternoon,

I am looking for some players to set up some kinda regular meeting group for play. I am an avid player and just cant seem to find games anymore locally.


Might help if you list some of the games you are wanting to play. A brief mention of the time zone you live in and what days and times you are available to game would be of great help to people reading your post.

I am eastern time zone, normally after 5 most nights I am available, I play a lot of games, Arkham/Eldritch horror, Machi Karo, five tribes, catan, descent 2d, ticket to ride, formula de, to name a few. I am willing to learn mostly any game, I just seem to never find players to play with.

Hi i am looking for a casual group too. Eastern time too (GMT -4). I could play on saturday night or any night after 8 pm. Just need to know before. I am wide open for any good game.
Here is my favorite games list:

  • A Game of Thrones
  • Dominion
  • Through the Ages
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Battle Star Galactica
  • Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery
  • Machi Koro
  • Adean Abyss
  • Laberynth: War of terror
  • Agricola
  • Memoir 44
  • Civilization the Board Game
  • Flip City (Design Town)
  • among others



Hi, i love those games, i want to play, my pourpouse is to improve my english skills while playing games, im in Spain (GMT 00, +01). I can play on afternoons and weekends.