Look for non-expert Barbarossa to Berlin opponent

Was introduced to GMT’s Barbarossa to Berlin just recently by my Uncle during a recent family gathering. Didn’t get to finish game, but had fun. He suggested looking for players on Vassal using ACTs for card play. So here I am. My background in gaming is mostly with computer war board games I’ve bought at matrixgames.com. Haven’t been war gaming for more than 2 years, but really enjoying it. Given school is over, thus should have lots of free time to play. So hoping to find others that can play fast too. Need experience and willing to play either side.

Thanks and hope to get some games soon.

Always willing to get more games in, I am medium player in BTB. Usually play with vassal and with cards in Acts. If you wish to pbem then that is best for me. Acts is used to look after cards and dice. Very simple to use really. Send me pm and we can get started.
Here is link. acts.warhorsesim.com/index.asp

Greig ggoodfellow@telus.net