Looking for a bit of action in GMT's Ancient World series

I’ve been playing ASL for a few years, and OCS too. So looking for something different and have dusted off my Rise of the Roman Republic and am re-reading the rules. Initially looking to play a scenario by logfile and then maybe do some online with skype. Anyone interested?

Not at the moment, but perhaps after I complete some of my other games. Drop me a PM in another couple weeks if you are still looking by then. (would have waited till then to reply but did not want you to think that nobody was playing this - there are in fact three or four guys, just among the ones online that I know, that are very active playing this system).

You may wish to get ‘living rules’ (including both the series rules and the playbook) from the GMT website. I believe these are far better than the printed set in the box.

Thanks. It’s a bit off-putting to see no replies at first so I appreciate your response. I’ve taken your advice on the live rules which are a lot clearer than the originals, supported too by better charts. I’ll drop you a line in a couple of weeks.


I’m up for a ‘Rise of Rome’ by PBEM only. Are you still looking for an opponent?


So far I’ve had two expressions of interest for some future games but haven’t yet hooked up for a scenario. Happy to do some PBEM. Which RRR scenario shall we go for?


I’ll PM you, looking forward to a game.