Looking for a Game

I was looking for an AH game, either pbem or vassal. I am brand new to these games:
Attack Sub
Circus Maximus
Panzer Blitz
Wooden Ships and Iron Men

I have some experience with:
Squad Leader
Speed Circuit
Battle of the Bulge

I never turn down an opportunity for Squad Leader. I can play any level you wish as I have played up to the GI Anvil rules level a few times.

I only have Squad Leader but look forward to a game. Is PBEM ok? Do you have a scenario you’d like to play?

PBEM is best for me actually. I’ll send you a PM.

i know this games:
Wooden Ships and Iron Men
if you want can i play with you at one of this
sorry for my english, I’m italian

I am up for Circus Maximus… PBEM…
Anyone ? I can mix live and email. PST time

Hello Audiemurphy,

I would be interested in a Kingmaker game. Do you know of any one else that would like to play


Count me in for KM

I have never played, but will give it a shot. I also know an old KM vet that would play.
We talking live or PBEM? if we PBEM I have been using my website to post the vlogs back and forth.
www.onlineleagues,org.. I have a MOP 1960, HIS and a CM/Gladiator game running now. works great…


Looked at the website, looks good. May even have to breakout my CM/Glad copies. So we are up to 4 or perhaps 5. I would perfer PBEM so shall we get a final roll call and then kick this off?

Are you guys playing yet? If not, count me in.

I haven’t seen any more communication after my post.

I would go for Kingmaker if still open

I’d be up for PB anytime.

Hi Guys

I’m new to Vas and not 100% sure how to use the interface, but I’m looking for a game of KingMaker if you can show/explain how to play as we play?


There’s four in the mix just now, but I’m sure the more the merrier, or bloodier, it gets!

Thanks, Walts