Looking for a generic miniature wargaming module.

Hey all,
I have been using vassal for miniature wargaming for some time now, (hordes warmachine) However I have been building a larger and larger collection of 15mm sci-fi miniatures IRL, and am looking for the best game system for us.
So right now I am looking for a generic module to use with a mate to try some out when we can’t get face to face.
Mostly I am looking for a set of tokens of individually based minies, ww2 or onwards individually based. I could scrap some up myself but there should be something out there right?
Add to that a set of terrain, can be generic or ww2 themed again. Some trenches and bunkers would be useful for the first game we want to try. (fast and dirty)
Other then that some set of tokens to use and up to 3d6 being rolled individually is all we need I think.

Does anybody know anything that might be of use to me?