Looking for a play group for a YouTube series

Hi everyone. First post. But I’m looking for a group of players who would be interested in being part of a board game YouTube channel.

The idea is to play a variety of games with the same players, not entirely dissimilar to Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop. But, obviously played via Vassal (and potentially OCTGN and Tabletop Simulator).

Would not be a weekly commitment (record a couple games at a time for weekly distribution).

I’m looking for co-hosts who have Skype and a webcam and are fun people who like games.

Email is paul.james.miles(at)gmail.com.

I’d be interested, I played on the “HistoryGamers” youtube channel recently and it was fun!

Can you send me a link to the ep you were on?

I’m intrigued by this as well…

Where can I get more info on how this works? What would I look for on YouTube?

Stiglr - It would work like this:
we get together via a Skype video chat once or twice a month. Record us playing games and talking via OBS, upload it to YouTube. Profit? It would look a little bit like these videos:

I run a CCG tournament company called ManaLeague.com. So I’m trying to expand my reach a little bit.


Name: Alex Rathburn, playing Germany

Alex, do you have anything where you’re on cap & talking?

No, we just send our moves to Steve.

I’d be interested in this. I’m from the UK though, so timezones may be an issue. But my hours are pretty flexible.

My Fridays and Saturdays are really flexible right now. So if we can get 1 or two more, maybe we just jump on a Skype call and fire up a game and see how the chemistry is.

I am interested in trying this.
I co-host game nights and host a lot of games in my place.

Hi are you still looking for players? UK-based.