Looking for a player

Hi !

I’m looking for PBEM gamer to start some of these games :

  • Clash of Monarchs (GMT)
  • Drive on Paris (The Gamers / MMP)
  • Fatal Alliances (ADG but need set-up informations)
  • Hell Highway (VG)
  • Highway to the Kremlin (OSG)
  • Marching through Georgia (COA)
  • Missippi Fortres (COA)
  • Burma (OCS)
  • Hube’s Pocket (OCS)
  • Sicily (OCS)
  • The Bliztkrieg Legend (OCS)
  • Tunisia (OCS)
  • The Dark Valley (GMT)
  • The US Civil War (GMT)
  • Tonkin (Legion Wargames)

I play after my kids go to bed. And sometime during the day.

PBEM only no online or Skype.

You can send a mail to kutusov@hotmail.fr


would be interested in US Civil War!

Lars/ Dubai

I am interested in Fatal Alliances. (And all the games you listed) Have played a lot of World in Flames too. b.chamberlain@chamberlainlawoffice.com 12-30-18

Hi, Are you still interested in Hell’s Highway PBEM?

Jeremy, UK