Looking for another player for Campaign for North Africa! PBEM over discord

Yes, really.
We currently have 9/10 players.
PBEM over discord: Campaign For North Africa PBEM

I just have to reply to say “Wow!”. Please post an AAR on BGG!

I just want to offer a word of caution here. I wanted to help or be part of the folks that might be playing SPI’s CFNA, but when I arrived at the Discord server to talk about the SPI classic game, I was greeted with a lot of gender, transgender and cisgender comments and other sexual content.

When I expressed my interest in playing CFNA only and was not interested in these gender sexual bombardments, I was promptly kicked off the server (so much for tolerance).

So my recommendation is for you to beware of this Discord server and the folks that post these gender/transgender/cisgender and other sexual content which has no relationship to playing the great SPI CFNA wargame.

I’m not seeing what you’re seeing, from a brief scroll around.

I have to say, I didn’t either. Some brief discussion on trans-gender terms, which was oddly placed perhaps, but nothing disparaging that I saw.

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Perhaps it was cleaned up.

I keep getting booted from the server so who knows.

From the rule book:

You have now completed one Game-Turn, a full
week of the real campaign. Take a breather, have a
beer and a sandwich, contact your loved ones to let
them know you’re still alive, and return for
another Game-Turn.”

I cannot tell you how much I wish I could join you boardgame warriors! Fight on!

While we are trying to play CFNA, we also recognize that this game requires a lot of players and a long time. Thus, if we want to have any hope of getting any far, we are going to need to encourage players to interact, feel welcome, and chat casually. I enjoy playing games as a social activity, and thus I want to encourage conversation that isn’t necessarily about the board game we’re playing. Many of our players are queer (such as myself!) Thus, it is inevitable that the casual conversation I want to cultivate will sometimes be related to that. If you think that’s inappropriate, and are going to make people uncomfortable whenever they talk about a part of themselves, then our board game server is not for you.

We are still open, unfortunately a player left, so if you joined and there were no open slots at the time, then there might be a space for you. Still at 9/10 players, hopefully the ones remaining are more determined than the ones that left

Thanks, but when I try to join and click accept it says


So it must be full up.