Looking for ASL-Red Barricades Player

Experienced ASL Player, OK with VASSAL. Looking for a campaign player.

Hello, Papathad

I’m Stefano Cuccurullo from Oxford, the UK. I am up for a nice and furious ASL RB CG online.
My email is stefano.cuccurullo@gmailatcom


P.S. My nickname on Skype is:

Hello Stefano,
Sounds great. Yes, we need to hookup on one. I am not a rules lawyer, but I have played ASL since the 80’s so I know a good many rules, just want to have fun, going all the way thru. I’ve never gotten past about the 4th or 5th day of the campaign, so I have no clue as to what is going to happen as Germany advances. I will happily play either side. As far as balance provisions, I have no idea who should get it or if it is needed.

I am not computer savvy. So no initials or such, please. I have played it where we would talk on skype and move on the Vassal board watching each other move and I have played where we send turns thru email and play individually. Either way or both is fine with me. I am retired, so I can play just about any time (24 hour clock) on skype way, or I will be sending a minimum of a definite move a day, in the starting days, probably 3 turns a day. What ever you can handle, is great with me.

My email is papathad@hotmail.com. Name is Tom Barkley.