Looking for game of Arkham horror

Love the game but have only been able to play it twice. Anyone up for the challenge of taking on the old ones?

If you are talking PBEM only, then I can join.

-Richard Eichenlaub-

Well I never did a PBEM game before but it would be interesting. So Ill say yes. There are a few things I’m not sure of but involving the random aspects of the game but I can take a guess. Each player gives me their actions for a turn and and play them out on my board then relay the events, am I correct? Sounds like fun. Would you like to just use the base set or use some of the expansions?

I could be interested to, but dont really see how to play it on pbem :slight_smile:

With VASSAL and logging, each player does his turn and logs it then sends the log to all other players. I suggest that each player start logging right after their last turn so that there is an ongoing narrative for at least the other players’ turns. All random aspects are handled by VASSAL. Any player interaction is done by placing items on the game board to be retrieved by the other player(s).

I’ve found it works pretty well. But, if people are not used to it, I suggest just base game to get a feel for the process and flow.

So basically one of us sets up the game each morning then each player logs in and plays through their turn. They then leave a record of what they did for the rest of us. But what about things that require the call of the first player?

There isn’t really any “logging in”. Once of us sets up the game, we each determine our character and do the initial setup stuff. Then the first player walks through a turn logging the process. Then send the log to all other players and the next player does a turn, logging the process, etc. If there are any interactions that require another player then the log is ended and that player toakes over (although that doesn’t happen very often).

All of this happens through email and each person just opens the log, walks through it and starts a log at the appropriate time. It can be done quickly so usually there can be multiple moves per day, depending on the players.

I can get things started if you want. I’ll send a PM to ColdIron and gocus to give you my usual email account, if that’s okay.

sounds good can’t wight to give it a try.

If you haven’t set this up yet, I’d love to be involved. I just came here looking to play Arkham Horror by email.

I’m completely new both to Vassal and to Arkham Horror!

Sure IM me with your email and we can get you in.