Looking for game testers/ casual players for my Vassal module


so I have made a card game on Vassal.

I am looking for people to play it with for a) fun b) serious game testing.

I do also provide the module if you wish to play with other people. In that case, I would be happy to receive feedback (as I am not watching the game…)

I communicate in Swedish, Finnish, English, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and some German

Live play and sending save file back and forth are both fine.

I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this matter.

Would someone possibly know any other forum for card/ table game developer like myself to connect to players/ play testers?

Thank you in advance for any answer to any question/ interest.

Good morning,

Can you tell us what the game is about? That might spark some interest.


Good morning.

Right, a very good comment. Thank you.

So, my card game is a mixture of various TCG like MTG, Dualmasters, and HearthStone.

The goal is to reduce the opponent to zero player life. The game is a two player game.
Cards consist of creatures, effect cards, a type either or both creature and effect, and resource cards to play the previous types mentioned.

Before the game starts, players draw at random 12 cards each from a shared shuffled deck consisting of 64 (?) cards; creature, magic, and creature and/or magic. Each player is given separately a 15 deck support card consisting of five colours; red, white, blue, green, and colourless; 3 pieces of each colour. Based on what cards the player drew at the beginning from the shared deck, the player chooses suitable colours of resource cards in order to be able to play red, white, blue, green, or colourless creature, effect, creature and/or effect cards. Each player is required to have a deck of 15-20 cards.

Usually a player can only attack the player, however with special continuous effect cards in play the the play make also attack the
a) the resources of the opponent
b) the opponent creatures
c) the opponent continuous effect cards
d) intercept an opponent attack on one’s effect and creature cards.

I guess that is it. I will try to make this a concise as possible.