Looking for Games

Somewhat new to the vassal system and looking to find players for realtime game and pbem games.

These are the games I would like to play;

Twilight Struggle
Labyrinth: War on Terror
For The People
Washington’s War
Wilderness War
Paths of Glory
We the People

i’d be up for twilight struggle or labyrinth, i’m pretty new to both games but would like to get some plays in. what times are you normally on?

Twilight Struggle is good, I have played several games with it and I am up to speed with the rules. I recently got Labyrinth WOT and am still learning the rules.

I am in the Eastern Timezone of rthe United States and can adjust my schedule accordingly.


I’m OK to play a Labyrinth games by PBEM (I’m from France).
You can choose the side and the scenario you want.


Hi, I’d like to play Washington’s War. Played twice as each side so far - great game! I can PBEM or Live (7-11 pm East Cost on Sundays).

Steve D

I’m interested in For the People or Twilight Struggle PBEM. Played both half-dozen plus times. Interested in Washington’s War, Paths of Glory, and Labyrinth too, just never played them before, so you’d have to bear with me.


Will play realtime using Vassal and Skype:

Twilight Struggle
For The People
Paths of Glory
We the People

Email me at dieeons@gmail.com