Looking for (InteliJ using) Mentor

I have been coding Python and Javascript in Jetbrain tools for the past four years. I coded in java in Eclipse over five years ago. I will probably want to make an extension or at least some trait classes. I know the team uses Eclipse mostly, but I would like to work with IntelliJ since it will be familiar ground for me. Is there anybody out there that will help me getting master to compile properly on macOS in IntelliJ?

I think I talked the last Eclipse users on the team into using something else, no one uses Eclipse anymore :smiley:

To compile properly you only need Java installed, the rest will be done by the maven wrapper, you just run “./mvnw clean package” from the command line and it compiles.

With IntelliJ, you tell it to import the project, show it the pom.xml in the project’s root folder, and everything else is done automatically. If you run into specific errors, let us know and we will help.

Yeah you picked the right IDE to already be familiar with. Flint1b can totally get you up and running. Check the articles on the Wiki for setting up “git” and stuff to pull the source down if you haven’t already, and then the maven commands will basically the rest of it all set up for you.

I just made a successful build.

How do you suggest I run/debug it in IntelliJ? I assume I need to set up a run configuration, but what are the particulars that you folks find work best?

Run it like this, don’t pay attention to the custom VM options, you don’t need them, I just like to play around with those:

[attachment=0]Screenshot from 2020-07-26 23-29-20.png[/attachment]

Be sure you notice & use that --standalone command line switch when debugging.

I am getting an error.

The module pathname needs to be in quotes when it contains spaces.