Looking for Live Play Most any Game


I’m looking for a regular opponent for (mostly) live play via Skype. My very best times to play are starting at 5AM or 6AM or 7AM (approx) Pacific Standard Time (That is GMT -7 or approximately 1PM or 2PM GMT). I realize this is somewhat unusual to say the least but I’m a morning person and play at that time best fits my schedule. I can play at other times as well but mornings (earlier the better) PST would be my first choice. When we play I can play for about 2-3 hours at a time and very often more.

I’m looking for Live play generally and then maybe transition into PBEM for games that support it and play well by PBEM.

Some of the games I’m interested in playing are::

Washington’s War
Combat Commander Europe
Napoleonic 20 series
C&C Ancients
C&C Napoleonics
1914: When Eagles Fight.
Clash of Giants II
Wilderness War.
Mage Wars

And many others. I generally prefer medium to lighter complexity games and I do realize that is a relative term.

And I’d be willing to learn just about anything. I’m a long time gamer who is somewhat new to Vassal
and more or less brand new (last few weeks) to Skype.

If you are a newbie, I can teach many games.

I own a physical copy of all of the above games and literally hundreds more so if there is something specific you want to play I likely own it.

I play not only wargames but all types of games. I generally don’t care for abstracts.

The difficult thing for me is I like to play in_the_morning PST time but that is not absolutely required. The earlier the better though.

If you are interested in these or other games please send me an E-mail at: BartowWingaaaaaaatGEEEEEEEmail.commmmmmmm I imagine you know how to translate that :slight_smile: I check that email multiple times daily, typically.


Thinking of purchasing Washington’s War so If you are willing to teach it I am willing to learn. Vassal and Skype is the way to go. I live in the GMT-5 or EST time zone and have a few nights open that can be used for additional gaming. If interested please reply.


Godd list of games