Looking for Memoir'44 opponents


looking for someone to enjoy some Memoir’44 games. I’m learning the module User Interface and the mechanics.

I do live in Spain GMT+1.

Thanks in advance.

The Card Compendium was released yesterday, which should definitely help with learning the game mechanics. It allows you to drag the reference cards onto the main map (just like the real game).

You can find it listed on the main Memoir 44 module page.

Thanks for the input.


Soy Abismo2000, y también vivo en España. Me encantaría jugar contra alguien en Memoir’ 44. Soy un novato, así que no tengo ni idea de cómo funciona Vassal. Mi email es Abismo2000@hotmail.com.
Ponte en contacto conmigo y veremos qué horarios tenemos ;)

My name is Abismo2000 and i am also Spanish. I’d like to play agains someone. I am a newbie, so i do not have idea how works Vassal. My email is Abismo 2000@hotmail.com. Put in contact with me and we will see how we can play.

Acabo de ver tu respuesta, te he enviado email.

Un saludo

Any US players in Pacific-Central time zone? I’m on the west coast in California.