Looking for opponent for SPI Starforce and Star Soldier

SPI Starforce was the first SPI game I purchased. It is one of most unique space combat games created. My favorite part of the game is the stellar map.

Looking for an opponent to play by Email and vlog files. One modification I use for the rules is to skip the awkward rule 7.4 Semi-hidden display.
Instead of placing a starforce counter on the map, but not know the Zulu vertical coordinate was not very realistic.
Instead, I prefer players knowing the map location and zulu coordinates of all starfoces on the map. But not the composition of the starforce in the mini-lite zulu. This is revealed and opposting starforce are in the same mini-line zulu or next to a starbase.

I think this is more realistic. Because detection is based on telepathy and the game states that the range of telepathy is unlimited, players would know the locations, but have to get close to find the composition of enemy starforces.
What is your opinion?

For Starsoldier. I have never played it and love to try it.

If you are interested, please reply to my post.
Looking forward to playing these games.

thank you.

I’d be interested in giving this a try. I have both of these games, but have never had a chance to play either one. So you’d have to be a bit patient while I get my bearings.

Your house rule seems reasonable to me.

As I said, I haven’t played Starsoldier, but I did play Sniper a few times, and I think this is similar.

No problem. I have patience.

Will setup a scenario on VASSAL and send it to you.

You can reach me at bond007jlv@gmail.com

No problem. I have patience.
Will setup a scenario on VASSAL and send it to you.