Looking for opponents for Victory Games, PBEM

I am looking of for opponents to play me in a vassal PBEM game. I have always been a fan of Victory Games and bought many of them when they first came out, I am dating myself. Here are the games I am most interested in playing:

Pacific War
2nd fleet, actually I would not mind playing any game in this series but 2nd fleet is the only one I have a copy of.
Civil War

While the above are my preferences, I will play any decent war game. Please reply if you are interested.

Hey, Stephen.
Never play wargames before, and never use vassal. Also, I’m not a native English speaker.
If it’s ok for you I would love to play any of this games, especially 2nd fleet (cause I’m Russian :slight_smile:)
Mail me: makidream@gmail.com

I played Vietnam a long time ago, would be interested if you don’t mind dealing with a noob

Hey, Chuck S, we can start out with the intro scenario, Operation Starlite. That way, we can learn how to use PBEM with a very simple scenario.

My email address is below: