Looking for opponents in pbem

I am looking for opponents in pbem to the following games:

  • The US Civil War (GMT): advanced naval rules, 1861 campaign
  • TRC4 (no optional rules)
  • Panzegruppe Guderian
  • Rise and Decline of Third Reich
    For the dice rolls, I propose to use logs on hamete virtual dice server

I’d be interested in Panzergruppe Guderian. My e-mail is bullfrog1953@joimail.com.


let me know.
I’m currently playing the russians so would prefer to start as the germans
Let me know…


If you are still looking for a PGG game I am interested.
email: tonyrogers122@att.net

Thank you. I already have two games in progress. As soon as I finish (let’s say lost), I will contact you to try my luck again.

I’ll Play either side TRC4. Davemorello@protonmail.com

I`m also interested in PGG


If you agree, we can