looking for opponents napoleon's triumph + through the ages

looking for opponents to play:
through the ages (newbie, own the game, know the rules, played once already)
napoleon’s triumph (played several times, great!)
interested in learning the eclipse (dont know it yet but looks very interesting)
let me know if youre up for a game!

I could give Napoleons triumph a try i own it but never played it. Rules are very short so should not be a problem we could begin momentarily. I think that there is a scenario which starts the battle early so you can do a lot more movement. I would like to try that scenario. I am your man in any case.

According to this thread,


BGO is the place to play Through the Ages online - I’m playing (I’m terrible at this game!)

If you want to go with the vassal module, someone on this list is interested:

boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/15133 … january-20