Looking for Opponents SL, CC:E, ToI, TRC, RB,AK, TS

I’m looking for opponents to play live using skype, during the nights EST GMT-5 once or twice per week, or maybe during the weekends if someone in other timezone is interested, I like to use Skype for the games, I’m interested in playing Squad leader, Combat Commander Europe (I also have the paratroopers expansion but not Stalingrad), The Russian Campaign, Russia besieged, Afrika Korps, or Twilight Struggle, also during the next week (dec 1-6) I’ll have a lot of free time, so I’ll be in the linger chat room in lingr.com/room/5gNlNAqPPtU.


I’d play some Twilight Struggle with you if you are still interested . . .

I’m in Chicago, so only an hour difference.

All the best,