Looking for opponents


Tomorrow I’ll have the day off and probably a great part of the weekend, so I think I can try to do a live Vassal game : )

I played a lot through ACTS, mainly Paths of Glory and Barbarossa to Berlin; the latest one is the one that I played most (more than 30 games and a couple of tournaments) and I live play would be great. I’m on GMT+2 (Spain)

Also I’m reading the rules of Roads to Moscow (or Roads to Leningrad) and this could be another possibility, I played some time ago Roads to Leningrad so the rules are somewhat familiar to me.

Ii have two Musket & Pike series (Under Lily banners and Nothing Gained But Glory but I still pending a few solo plays to practice with the rules, so I’m “junior” on that.

Other games that I have and could play: Great battles of Alexnader, SPQR, Black Prince. I have also 194: OaO but only read the rules 1 time and need more reading on that, hehe

Thanks for reading!