Looking for opponents

Hi, i’m looking for opponents to play something (i don’t have anything specific in mind). PBEM would probably work best for me, though i could possibly do live play, but i wouldn’t be able to do any voice/video communication for that.

I’m fine with many games, but the following are all usually dealbreakers for me: elimination-based games, poorly-balanced games, games that transcend their scope, unnecessarily complicated games, and solved (or practically solved) games. I’m happy to elaborate on what i mean by these if there’s any confusion. I am fine with games that have intentionally subjective elements.

Looking forward to any responses!

Below are some of the games I have played using VASSAL. With PBEM

Pacific War
Command and Colors - Napoleonics
SPI - Starforce
Avalon Hill - Flattop

What games have you played in the past?


I may be interested, but I am not sure what you are unwilling to play based on the criteria you have stated above. (I think some of those points are subjective). Maybe you can elaborate for me?

I have played (or am playing) these with VASSAL & PBEM:

Wilderness War
Fire in the Lake
A Victory Lost
Time of Crisis
Drive on Washington
ASL (although that isn’t really ideal in a PBEM format)

I am also curious what games have you played in the past?