Looking for patient, occasional opponent (hex game)


have played a few wargames 20/25 years ago, looks like the virus got me again following reading of a certain paragraph in the book “Club Dumas” from Arturo Perez Reverte :unamused:
Am new to Vassal (but have Zuntsu) and would like to play (unfortunately it would be occasional,say once a week) preferrably Napoleonic era games but open to new things, maybe WWI, WWII or middle ages etc… Either live or by mail.
Need a patient opponent as no experience on Vassal and would need time to learn new rules. However haves started the “Days of Glory” rules study (game “Iena 1806”).
If interested pls drop me a line.

If English a problem, can communicate in German or French.


I would be interested in playing once a week. I have never played on Vassal before myself. If you are looking to start up gaming again with some of the more straightforward games you might try the command and colors series from GMT Games or Memoir 44. I have Memoir and Ancients from Command and Colors. Do you have either one of those?

I would be interested in a Napoleonic era game as well, but I would need to get the same one you have. As an aside, I do have Field Commander Napoleon, which is strictly a solo boardgame and I would recommend it.

Other good game would be War and Peace by AH. The scenarios are good starters. Let me know if you are interested.

I would be interested in playing War and Peace as a multi-player if you were all interested. I also would have to get back up to speed with it.

Let me know if you want to proceed with just a 2 player or you want to wait for more players for a War & Peace game.

Hello Matthieu,

I would be pleased to play, I currently am starting up with Advanced Squad Leader and learning the rules.
So I am not actually any kind of mentor but if you are interested let me know.

I’m up for a War and Peace game - love it, even if I haven’t played it in a while.


PM and we can workout the details.

We are ready to start. Please confirm by email with me by 10/19 @ mokbuck@hotmail.com

We are ready to start. Please email me by 10/19 if your are still interested @ mokbuck@hotmail.com