Looking for pbem Empire of the Sun Opponent

I’m looking for an opponent for Empire of the Sun pbem. I haven’t played it opposed, just solo a few times for a turn or two to learn the mechanics. I am good for a logfile or so per day, more on the weekends. Thanks.

Hi Michael,
I would like to play EotS, im also learning , i have only play a couple of games of the south pacific scenario.

I’m also willing to play a game.

Hi Tercio,
Would you want to play the South Pacific scenario first? Wouls you like to play as the Japanese or the Americans? Your choice. Also, are you on the GMT Games Discord site? We could exchange files that way, or just give me your email address and we can exchange that way. I’m pretty new to pbem.

I’m Michael Sherman#1847 on Discord


I have sent you a request in discord.
I don’t have any problem on playing the South Pacific scenario, i don’t mind wich side but as you give the chance i would play japanese.
I’m also new in pbem, i have to learn how to do it well

Sent discord request