Looking for PBEM Flat Top Game

Looking for someone new to work through this with or someone experienced to help me through the pit falls. I have only played a couple of PBEM games before (ASL games). Let me know.

I have the game but have never seriously tried to learn it. How familiar are you with it? I’d like to try but will need time to get up to speed.


I have read the rules a bunch and actually started a game against my son. He quit so I never got to finish it. I think we could work out any problems that arise. I also think I have some info on how to play FT via email I could send you.

Sound good. i have sent you a PM

Hi Guys,
I was just wondering how you were getting on with your PBEM Flat Top? I tried looking for opponents on Vassal some time ago without much success. I love the game and played it quite a bit back in the 1980’s so would be a bit rusty now. Would be interested in playing if you are ever up for a game.


I think we have an opportunity here. Samadams67 is more familiar with the game than I am and we are trying to get into it now. I think three players will be better than two. One can always game master for the other two. My email is:
If you are somewhat familiar with FT you and sam can play the first game with me observing/game mastering so I can learn the process.