Looking for PBEM game.

I’m looking for a PBEM game or two. I’m just looking to play and maybe learn a few new games along the way so the game is indifferent to me. I’ll learn whatever game you want to play. Post what you want to play and we can work out the details from there.


I have a game I am working on if you feel like play testing? it is still in the rough stages but it is playable.
The name of it is Critical Collapse, it is about global warming, economics war politics etc. Let me know.


How about a game of Breakout Normandy, or anything on my list at BGG. I can send you a copy of the rules.

I’ll play pretty much anything historical. Check out my list of games at…


Email: cardboardcounters@gmail.com

Take Care, Dan

I am currently desperately seeking opponents for Caesar Alesia the old Avalon Hill classic.