Looking for PBEM Opponent

I have had vassal a while but I haven’t gotten to play it much really. I am interested in playing by email. The games I have/ have played are:

Commands and Colors
Advanced Squad Leader*
A Victory at Lost*
Europe Engulfed
Axis and Allies
Advanced Civilization

The ones with the * by it are the ones that I have played but not enough to play without questions. I played asl but it was the starter kits, I liked it a lot though.

I am looking more for a 2 player game, preferably Commands and Colors or Battlelore because they are short. I just want to test out the whole PBEM thing and see how well it works out for me. I am sure I would have enough time to do at least 1 or 2 moves a day with those games.

Or if anyone is willing to explain the rules to me I would gladly try a new game!

Did you find an opponent for BL via PBEM VASSAL?

If not, I’d be interested.

I am also fairly new to vassel but am getting the hang of it. I would be happy to play Risk or carcassone pbem, maybe we could get a multiplayer game going if others are interested.

I’ll read rules and futz with a game prior to a PBEM or multi player.

I have one pbem game of BL going right now, but I could handle another one. :slight_smile: