Looking for PBEM opponents

Here is a list of games I own. Normandy '44; Ukraine '43; Holland '44; No Retreat French and Polish Fronts; Twin Peaks; Dead of Winter; Supreme Commander; Unconditional Surrender: At Any Cost. A Victory Lost; A Victory Denied. (Vietnam 1965-1975 VG. See P.S. below ) This is not my entire collection, and I do buy games from companies other than GMT, but these are the ones that appeal to me most. Mention some titles you like and if I have the rules or you can get them to me, I’ll play. :smiley:

People might ask “when do you have time to play all those games?” Well, I’m retired, :smiley: that helps. But I’m thinking PBEM. PBEM should allow one to play many games. :bulb: Also, collecting is as much a part of the hobby as playing. As the old saying goes, “he who dies with the most games, wins.” :wink:
Looking forward to hearing from you.

(My Vietnam module is screwed up right now. The pacification map does not open. I only get the top bar and it won’t expand. I have someone looking into it, and so should be feeling better soon.) :cry:

I’m willing to play At Any Cost PBEM using Dropbox for exchanging files. It you don’t have a Dropbox account we could use emails attachements.

If you agree, send me a PM with your email with or without Dropbox. Warning: english in not my native language.



Be happy to play either Victory Lost, Victory Denied or Unconditional Surrender PbEM either dropbox or email attachment


Hello Caesar
I am retired too. So I understand you are very busy.
I would be interested for dead of winter. But how can we resolve interaction problems.

Interested in the original Ukraine 43 not the new one. Can’t tell from your post which you have. PBeM exchanging files by e-mail works for me or; if you prefer, setting up a game on ACTS for die rolls and messages while exchanging the files also works.

I am looking for PBEM games - what do you want to play?


Hello, pjhansen.
Should I presume you are a student/professor at University of Florida? If so, what do you study/teach? If not, forget I mentioned it.

As for your question about what I want to play; how about Ukraine '43? If it’s ok with you I would prefer to play the Russians. When finished, should we like a 2nd of the same game then I will play the Germans to give you an opportunity at the Russian experience.

I had to drop back to a Java version in the 1.7s I think to fix some issues with modules for me.

I would be interested in Ukraine43, Victory Denied, and/or Victory lost

Let me know at mokbuck@hotmail.com

Hi there,

Hi there,
Are you still playing? Looking forward to my first pbem game! I’ve never done this before, so I don’t know how it works exactly here.