Looking for PBEM opponents

Looking for PBEM players.
I know how to play:

War of the Ring
Pax Pamir 2e
A Game of Thrones The Board Game 2e
Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar

Willing to learn play:

Command and Colors (Any era, but Napoleonic or Ancients in particular)
Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection
Anything with light rules.

Did you know you can play Pax Pamir in Yucata? I recently started playing a game there.

Interested in trying C&C Napoleonics

Please disregard

Hey Oly

are you still up for a C & C game ?

Really? I only see Pax Porfiriana on the list of games.

I’m up for a C&C, cool with both ancients and or napoleonics.

Oops, you are right. I get those games confused. Pax Pamir is on Vassal.

If you are looking to play War of the Ring, there is a Facebook group were folks post when looking to play: facebook.com/groups/WotRonl … =bookmarks

do you still looking opponents for Maria ?

I’m up for Pax Pamir!