Looking for players for Succession Wars

New to Vassal, but I would like try a game of Succession Wars. Is there any interest?

Wouldn’t mind playing PBEM, but I don’t see a module on Vassal. I have one on CB, but sadly, no rules.

If we can overcome that, we have a win! :smiley:


Hi Albi,

I should have been more clear, it is actually “The Succession Wars” check under “T” and it should be there. I might have confused folks without putting “The” in the title.

I found an online version of the rules: lski.org/pictures/tabletopga … .%20050108/BattleTech%201612%20-%20Succession%20Wars.pdf



I’ve downloaded the module and rules - I’m ready to go when you are !



I think I found something better, have you ever heard of scrapyard armory? This guy has made The Succession Wars on his website, it is better than VASSAL in some ways, but not as pretty. Check this site out:


You just make an account and you can play with other people, it is a little slow, but it does not require you to send files back and forth. Check it out, and if you still want to try VASAAL Succession Wars, let me know.


If you choose to use the Vassal version, I’d suggest you use v2.4 of the module. In v2.3, there was a problem with the game setup, but 2.4 fixes it.


If you and Albi would like to play a PBEM I am up for it.


I’d love to play. Let’s PM with email addresses. We need to choose how to divide the houses in a 3 player game. The rulebook has two recommended divisions for 3 players.