Looking for regular weekly Skype opponent 1-2hrs UTC (GMT) b

Looking for a regular weekly Skype opponent 1-2hrs UTC (GMT) for just the ONE session per week,
I’m Paris time - GMT +1

I’m free a couple of weekday evenings / or during weekends. Experienced with Vassal - easy on game choice, though probably prefer tactical ( squad/company) level WW2. Recently bought into Old School Tactical - like that a lot and would love to play more. Then there’s Up Front - still have my battered original AH edition which I’ll take to my grave :slight_smile:
Played CC . Don’t want to pick up ASL again though.
I have Operation Dauntless and played some of that.

Otherwise, I’m open to other suggestions - provided you’re amenable to taking it easy and guiding me through the learning curve. I play for the enjoyment and camaraderie - the win is incidental ( and pretty rare these days ! )

email me direct on


I’m Dani from Catalonia, and maybe we can try to play if you want CC, for ex. For me, I think it’s better Pbem mode 'cause I have 3 children and it’s not easy have time to play with skyppe.

Do you want try it?