Looking for reliable war gaming opponent

Hello all, new to the Vassal discord but not new to Vassal. I’ve finally decided to try and find some reliable war gaming opponents, although I do fantasy gaming at times as well. I’ve been playing war games for decades, mostly WW2 and now have time to dedicate what is needed to play some of these games at a decent sustainable fun pace. I’m in the central time zone (GMT -5/6) with a somewhat flexible schedule. I’ve been looking at some of the European theater WW2 games: The War: Europe, The Supreme Commander, and a few others. Also, some WW2 east front games like Dark Valley, Absolute War, No Retreat, Enemy Action: Kharkov and many more. I’ve had fun in the past playing ancient civ, Napoleonic, and WWI games too. I’m a bit of a history buff with > 200 books read on WW2. Just finished Meat Grinder: The Battles for the Rzhev Salient by Prit Buttar. If you think we might have some common ground for gaming, let me know.

I would prefer to game live (or mix pbem) if possible but might be ok with purely pbem depending on the game.
Preferred gaming cadence: 4-10 hours week w/understanding life can get in the way at times.

I’m your huckleberry. Enemy Action: Kharkov - that’s just my game. I would also be interested in No Retreat.

ok. Just FYI I own both EA Kharkov and No Retreat: Russia Front (no idea why they use term ‘Russia’ since WW2 it’s USSR … oh well). Both are still in the box. I did watch part of some play through videos but still very much a noob on both. So might be best to do live gaming so you can teach me some too? What is your time zone and preferred cadence of play?

oh like the Tombstone reference, but also scares me a bit :no_mouth:

The Russian Campaign
Russia Besieged
Napoleon’s last battles
PZG Guderian

If any of these are of interest email me at tmoj2000@yahoo.fr

Why, Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave

Contact me by email. PM sent

I am a reliable player, i mean, when I cannot finish a game, I have strong tendency to get together again and finish it. My timezone is UTC+3

I would like to play No Retreat: Russian front and try another games of No Retreat series.

Another strategy games, I like: Hannibal&Hamilcar , Path of Glory, Star Wars: Rebellion, War of the Ring, Quartermaster General: WW2, Empire of the Sun.

I would also try another games on WW2 topic and even some tactical simulators

I would love to play any war game… this site is impossible to navigate. I am retired and have nothing to do all day. I have been staring at my D-Day game since the 70’s and can never find anyone to play. I couldn’t believe my luck to find this site… but to no avail… you can’t do anything here… I have never seen such an unusable app.

I’d happily discuss what problems you’re having on a thread dedicated to it, say in the Site Feeback category (for the website) or Tech Support category (for the application). Start threads there if you’d like.

ok… thanks… and sorry. I don’t know the protocols. I’ll use a different thread.