Looking for two players for Here I Stand

We are a group of Here I Stand fans who just finished a game using the VASSAL platform and ACTS. All of us have several Here I Stand and even more VASSAL experiences under our belts. Now we would like to play again but need to find two extra players.

A prospective player should be fairly well-versed in Here I Stand rules, be pleasant to play with, and (barring emergencies, vacation, or similar) be able to complete their turn within about 2 days of their impulse coming up.

We use a shared Dropbox folder to store game logs and other helpful game files.

Powers have not yet been chosen and you will have a chance to indicate which power(s) you’d like to play or prefer not to play.


Hey Steve

Really enjoy your group of players and if you like I would be happy to learn here I stand and join your group for this game.

Regards Jim

Hello Steve,

I played HiS several time FTF and I did a special series of videos on YouTube (in french…) to teach the rules to my friends (YouTube channel “JeanMichelGrosjeu”).
I would be happy to join your game.
I already played with VASSAL but never HiS.


Sign me up
I played it many years at world boardgame championship

New here at Vassel, have you gotten your 5th and 6th players for this game? Or if you need a backup do to anyone dropping out, let me know. Fairly familiar with the rules.

Interested, but you may be full by now

Please put me on the list when next you play, Only played once but much vassal and Acts exp.

I’m in if a spot is available…just won a game as Hapsburg/Papacy, for what it’s worth.