Looking for Vietnam 1965-1975 Opponent

A newbie on Vassal, but long time wargamer. Interested in trying this game out.

I would be interested in playing. I have had the game for a long time but playing it solo is difficult. I am fairly new to Vassal too but have been playing wargames now for almost 40 years. What side did you want to play and what scenario?

I have had for a long time as well. I would be interested in playing the 65 Campaign. If you want that is we can work on our vassal newbieness as we go along. I would like to play as the FWA side if that is ok with you.

I am in the EST, Ontario to be exact, where are you located and when are some convenient times for us to get together to play?

I have been playing wargames for over 30 years. Guess we have given hints to our ages eh?


Be glad to play the VC. I am in the CST zone. Texas to be exact. Afternoon and evenings are good for me or most anytime on weekends. Just let me know what times are good for you. As long as we have both been playing at least we can say we arent experienced, LOL.

I could be interested too but I’m in Rome, Italy…any hope to arrange ?

I´d like to play with you, bruno. I am in London, so I guess our times came be compatible. If you are interested, PM so we can arrange something

you can find me in:
email: bruno.moscetti@alice.it
Facebook: Bruno Moscetti
Skype: bruno.moscetti

I added you at skype. I will be a bit busy this week, but we can start arranging the game. See u around

Are you guys still playing this game?

I have wanted to try this thing against a real person for years if anyone has any interest in it.

PM me 8)