Looking for war game opponents

Getting back into war gaming online after several years away from it. My core group of gamer friends mostly doing sci-fi so looking here to augment my war gaming fun.

I’ve recently seen a few games that interest me like Absolute War, No Retreat (east front), Hitler’s Reich, classic Third Reich, Unconditional Surrender, Russian Campaign, Barbarossa to Berlin, etc.

I’m open for others in the WW2 genre. Usually like to play the Axis side, but that’s negotiable.

I should be able to play turns most days of the week. Another option is to use Table Top Simulator + discord to game real time. Let me know if you might be interested.


Hello Jason
I’m as well looking for opponents. I though am not really interested in the games you mentioned. What do you think of Leningrad '41 or Moscow '41? These are familiar to yours listed. Or any WW2 games in the pacific scenario? Like for example ‘Empire of the Sun’. If interested, please message me.

In all the games you are interested in you should place your name on the list of players at the modules home page. You’ll see them at the bottom. It’s not hard to edit your name in there. Just copy what others did and bingo you are on the list. You can email people on this list.

Could you expand on how to insert names on the players list and how send emails to those already on the list?
I can’t for the life of me figure it out.
Thanks in advance.

I am willing to play No Retreat. I prefer live gaming though.

Vassal + Discord/Skype/Zoom/etc. is great for real-time, just in case you were thinking Vassal was email only…

If you haven’t seen it, I would also suggest Breakout Normandy, IMHO the best WW2 wargame ever made.

This game is also perfectly suited to real-time play. My wargame buddy and I play a single 1-day turn per evening and thus finish the 7-day scenario in a about 10 days (with a couple days off for weekends, etc.)

  1. Go to the module you are interested in playing
  2. Make sure you are logged-in (check it - you can be logged into forum and not module area)
  3. In player area, click EDIT
    3a) copy and paste an existing line w/ player info, email, userid, etc. at bottom of list
    3b) edit the copied line with YOUR info
  4. Save edit

If you are logged in, the player userids will be hyperlinks that will email them. If you are NOT logged in, the player userids will NOT be hyperlinks.

Note: This is something we’re working on improving now. Expect to be able to add/remove yourself as a prospective player by clicking a button when we roll out the new Game Library.

List order of which one you want to play. Think we might be able to work something out. These block games look interesting!

ok. live gaming is my preference too. I just looked and Tabletop Simulator has a mod for No Retreat games. Never done more than watch a youtube video on it, but look very interesting. If you’re ok with a noob as an opponent, than we might be able to work something out

Joel - a couple of thoughts on this…

  1. Suggest add timezones for players as standard field
  2. Suggest add whether player is interested in real-time and/or asynch/email as standard field
  3. Possibly add a notes field (e.g., only available Wed/Sat, only interested in Barbarossa Scenario).
  4. Or if you really want to get sophisticated, you could even add in a weekly availability tracker (Mon - never, Tues - usually, Wed - never, Thu - usually, etc) and allow automatching… :stuck_out_tongue:

While you’re redoing the module listings (game library), are you going to fix all the games that are mistakenly listed under “The” instead of their real titles?
For example, I would normally expect to find The Russian Campaign to be listed under “R” for “Russian”, not “T” for “The”.

Ok, just reviewed the No Retreat Russian Front for vassal and it looks great.

Yes. The lack of a sort key distinct from the game title has annoyed me for the entire time I’ve been involved with the project.

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I have Absolute War. I am a layback player. Have not played the game, but it looks good. I use the Vassal server and Skype.

I would be interested in Breakout Normandy if you are looking for an opponent.

Jason, I have sent you a private message