Looking for War Games Opponent

I am looking for an opponent who can afford the time to play the following wargames on a weekly basis using Skype only (No PBEM).
I consider myself a beginner for the most part and would prefer an opponent of the same experience level thus making the game play more evenly balanced. The individual should have the rule book and be motivated in learning the game accordingly,if not familiar with it already.
GMT -4

  1. Combat Commander
  2. Conflict of Heroes
  3. Memoir 44
  4. Band of Heroes
  5. Day of Heroes
  6. Tide of Iron

I am not a beginning wargamer, but I am now returning to the hobby so these games are new to me.

I have purchased Memoir 44, CC:E and CoH: Awakening the bear but have not yet played them.
I have glanced and read rules.
I think we might make a good match!

John Longstreet lmjarl@aol.com

I have been wargaming on the computer and such for years, but would not say I am an expert. I am very new to Vassal and am learning Tide of Iron. I bought the game a month ago and read the rules, but haven’t played it yet. I have downloaded it from vassal and would like an opponent to play as well. It would be helpful if you could choose a scenario and create a game on vassal so I can learn a bit how it is done. I played around with it a bit, but not 100% on it yet. Hope to get in a game with you soon!


email: gio-73@libero.it


I can join any of these:

Conflict of Heroes
Memoir 44
Tide of Iron

Aurimas (GMT +2, Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe, planet Earth)