looking for Zombicide module

Can anybody message me where I can find Zombicide module? Thanks

I wouldn’t mind one either… if there are any floating around. Feel free to send me a pm.

If anyone knows a Zombicide module, i’d like a pm about it as well.

I would also like a Pm, thanks, love this game but its hard to get together with friends to play it. vassal is the ideal solution for longer games like this :smiley:

Gullotine Games denied to publish modules for Zombicide. So i think it wil be no there.

Also been looking for this module. I know it’s around and being played but have been unable to find the people that have it. Would love a PM about getting a copy of this module.

I want this game, if somebody have it, could send it to me?


Please pm me with game -

I played it this weekend - with 3 friends and was throughly stomped by the zombies. Love it. Want!

Would love a Vassal module for this game as well. Appreciate a PM about getting a copy of this module.

I also would love a Pm about this mod

if any one could send me a pm, I’d be thrilled to have zombicide on vassal

if someone could send me a pm, i want to trie Zombicide on vassal


I want to have a copy of Zombicide. Please let me know if you have one. Been looking for this, but can’t find it.

Also looking for a module. Would really appreciate if anyone made one and could send me a PM.


Anyone responding to this thread? Looking for a module also. PLEASE!! :unamused:


I am new to Vassal, but I am planing to learn it and make Zombicide module.

this will most likely take a while…
If some one wants to help me, (even is simple ways, preparing decks… resources and stuff.) please PM me.

Hello Zombies! I would really like to play this module, please PM me :slight_smile:

(co-creator of World of Warcraft the Board Game)

Me 2! (if you have the module… it looks like it will take a while for me to create it…)

You only need the board tiles, doors, objectives and zombie pieces etc, the rest can be done using the Zombicide app…

Im happy to help though.

Got the same idé.
Never used Vassal before, so I think I try something simple, as a Ludo-game/module,
before trying to do a Zombicide game/module.

Have you started yet? how far have you come?