Looking to play SPI The Next War

Interested in playing SPI The Next War using VASSAL.
By email with log files.

I live in Eastern time zone US.


I’d have to read the rules, but if you get no takers I will help carry the SPI banner!

I have digital copies of charts, rules, table, scenario booklet. Can email them. Which scenario do you enjoy?

I’ve got all of that since I’ve never played it, you pick the scenario.

Lets do the Vienna Scenario to get out feet wet. Have not played in a while.
I can setup the scenario and send it to your email.
My email is bond007jlv@gmail.com
We can play using email log files.

Do you have a preference for side: NATO/WARSAW PACT?

Group Play. Opponents invited to WW3.

I am moderating a multi-player, multi-game PBEM Master Game. Whew!
That mouthful means a set of master maps onto which I am merging the progress of players who are gaming various modern war board games.

Using Vassal or a similar aid, or face to face play, each pair or group of players report their activity twice a month to me. I track it all.

Victory Points in their games are converted by me into Command & Control Points 1:1 that will come back to them, or others, later as awards from High Command. (initially me) In future games the players compare the CPs they have and the high side gets a die roll modifier in combat. That reflects the attention paid by High Command on that battle. As we expand, players will become Theatre Commanders and take over from me the dispensing of Command Points.

We are currently seeking players who own modern games. As of March 15,20, we are running Blue Water Navy, World at War 85, Fifth Fleet, Red Storm, and Next War Korea. Request our manual. Join us!

Web Page: globalconflictww3.webs.com

NO FEE Two week turns.

do you like any other SPI games? I would be open to a bunch.

I am moderating the game. To sign up use an email outside of Vassal. Let me know the side you want to play and list the games you own (modern) and want to play. Then I match you up with another player who owns the same game.
Use this email to get involved: conflictww3@gmail.com I will send you the 10 page pdf manual.

Yes. I have several SPI games.

What do you have in mind?

Started playing Punic Wars solitaire.

Which SPI games do you enjoy?