Looking to play WW2 AH games

Hi everyone. Looking for opponent(s) for:
France 1940,
Turning Point Stalingrad,
The Russian Campaign,
Storm over Arnhem,
Thunder at Cassino,
Breakout Normandy,
Third Reich,
Advanced Third Reich,
Panzergruppe Guderian
Victory in the Pacific
War at Sea
Panzer Leader
Panzer Blitz
ASL Starter Kit #1, #2, #3

Live or PBEM ?

Either. I have skype for live. East coast USA time zone here.

I am PBEM only.
could play many of these , not sure which are best via email.


Just emailed you.

Hi I play Panzerkrieg. Someone would have to provide copies of the scenario maps, because the module doesn’t include them. I have the revised rules incorporating errata and faqs, but there are no scenario maps so you can’t tell which start lines to use from the module. I don’t have the physical game anymore, unfortunately.

PBEM is how I usually play, but that could be problematic for Panzerkreieg due to reserve rules, requiring extra back and forth for that function, which would also isolate the combat rolls making it easy to re-roll until you get all sixes…lol. So maybe die rolls could be made live via skype. I only have audio skype for now, but you could roll for me if you have vid.

I’ve got three games of Russian Campaign going now. 2 as Sovs, 1 as Germans. At the moment I’d like to play something else.

I know AH Third Reich (probably first or second edition I don’t remember). Never played with all the rules though… I like playing the Russians or Germany.

PM or email:

We are a WW2 pbem group.


Any game.


Are you open to learning Panzerkrieg: von Manstein & HeeresGruppe Süd | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Warm regards,


TRC would be a possibility ??

Hi Wizzard,

I haven’t played it in over 7 years, but it’s worth refreshing.

What’s your availability?


Oh, but I did smash in that game. Also play A3R if you’re up to it…

I don’t know how to send a private message with this new system - can you send me your email via private email

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I´m new to the genre but id love to get into this type of games.

Have you played any Avalon Hill products?

I’d be interested in Third Reich in either single or multi player game. I’m brand new so not quite sure how these work.

I am in Canberra, Australia (UTC +10). I can play VASSAL with Skype/Discord most days/nights. I mostly play ASL (both RB and SK) but I love TPS and TAC. Please message me if you want to set up a game.

I too would be interested in playing A3R using Vassal. Anybody who shares that view please contact me.