Looking To Play

I just got Vassal after watching some games that look rather enjoyable. So I am looking for some people to play Pandemic, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, or any other games that are rather enjoyable as well.

Are you looking for live play or email games?

Live Play. This way if I have any questions I can ask them and don’t feel like I am holding everything up.

Just out of curiosity, what time zone are you located in? This is important if you want to play on Skype with other players who may not be in the same time zone as you.

Oh ummm I am on the Eastern Time Zone US. I completely spaced on setting up the full profile.

Is there anybody willing to play? I am willing to try any game once and I dolearn things rather quickly :frowning: I know I have had this up for 2 days so Im not expecting miracles but there are over 100 views so thought I might add on to it.

Hi, i know that its an old thread but if you still interested then we can play.