LOS and hex border alignment


Ran into an issue last night where the LOS thread does not align with the hexes properly. In the 1st picture below you can see the red thread running between center of hexes 2515 and 2915 does not ‘touch’ the hexsides of hexes 2616 or 2816. You can see the anchor points of the red thread are not quite centered in the white dots.

However, if you look at the 2nd picture, which uses the red LOS thread on the hexes just above those of the 1st picture, it does look like they ‘touch’ the hex sides (of hexes 2515 and 2715).

I know from my geometry that it should always touch the hexsides (like 2nd picture). However (and I know this is a little petty on my part) my opponent argued he could “take a shot” in the 1st picture because the hexsides were not touched (which by the rules of our game would have prevented a shot), however I could not “take a shot” in the 2nd picture because it did touch the hexsides.

Anyway, ideas on how I might fix/correct?

[attachment=1]LOS Panzer.JPG[/attachment]

[attachment=0]LOS 2 Panzer.JPG[/attachment]

Micro-adjustment of the VASSAL hex grid’s alignment might help, but your opponent is being a complete muppet. There’s no way he (or anyone) would try such a thing if you were playing this same game with physical components–the intent is undeniably clear.

Thanks, I will give that a try. I see in the module it has a hex grid offset values for X and Y and I will try that.

Just a small comment, my opponent made a good point last night. What if the LOS thread barely touched or barely missed a hex corner (vertex). We would look at the red LOS thread and make a call. In the pictures above it is pretty easy geometry to say without a doubt the thread should touch the edge, but in some kind of diagonal measurement across say 7 hexes it is not easy geometry. So in one case you ‘adjust’ the thread and in another you don’t. Anyway I could understand his point…thus leading me to try and do something with the module.


The micro adjustment worked. A one pixel adjustment and everything lines up.

Thanks again!