LOS Thread as a ruler

Hi all,

I am using the LOS thread as a ruler. The game mod is a miniatures game. So the board is a graphic without any defined grid. Everything works ok WRT movement. I setup the LOS thread with a scale of 20. My game scale is 1px = 2mm so a thread scale of 20 yields units of 1 CM. At 100% zoom, the thread works as designed. When you zoom out, the thread start point shifts to one side as yuo try to activate a unit. When you zoom in, the thread start point shifts to the other side when you try to activate a unit. In all cases, the thread endpoint seems to stay where I marked it. So somehow, VASSAL is not translating the start point of the thread correctly on any zoom level except 100%.

Not sure if this is a bug or if there is something I am missing.

I am running on Ubuntu 11.04 and using the built in Java (1.6 I think).

Thanks for the help in advance,