Lost Card to the "offboard" void!

One of our Noble cards has gone missing within the Kingmaker module!?!?!

The cards been accidentally moved to the left of the players board and can’t
be retrieved by the usual methods, so, is there a keystroke (Alt-Sort-Thing?)
that can be triggered to sort the cards and bring that Noble card back?

Thanks, Walts

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Here’s an image to show where the cards went … two cards where moved together, with
one being accaidentally placed offboard …


I haven’t tried this but it might work:

Temporarily replace the board with a much larger board (blank white image will do).

Load the saved game, see if you can now locate the missing card and drag it back to the center of the board – save game.

Replace the original board and load the saved game again. The card may now hopefully be in the center of the board.

Tom W

Thanks for that suggestion Tom, but no luck.

I made a board twice the size and saved into KM module, and when loaded, the board was bigger, but everything was
still coordinated to their position, relative to the top-left corner (say X:0 & Y:0), so whatever size the board is, our
lost card is always offboard to the left … X:-100 & Y:50 … so bigger board sets up to that corner?

Anything else appreciated … Walts

EDiT: Co-ordinates … I wonder if I can change them relative to the board loading position!!!

[size=150]I found SCROPE!!![/size]

Using the boards “Add recenter pieces board” button, it pulled Scrope in from the void,
and hey presto, we have a moon landing!

The Boar faction player will be a happy bunny … just as we move in for the kill!!! :laughing:

Thanks for giving me the idea to look at mucking about with the players board setup! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing the solution – I may need that.

Tom W